The tallest in 2003

One of the lowest maintenance Fees

1 min walk to MRT Station

Resort-like Living in the City

Visited 252800 times


Special Resolution - By-Law on recovery of costs

Maintenance schedule for fire protection systems

Repair & Repainting works at the Condominium commenced on 6th March 2017. Click here for details.

Encroachment of common area.
Work at Blk 10 commenced on 15 May till 22 July.

Online Booking Of Facilities Click Here

$50 deposit is required prior to bookings of Function Room or BBQ.

You are encourage to leave your deposit with the MCST so your subsequent booking will be immediately confirmed and marked as "Taken by you". However, if you withdraw your $50 deposit, you will have to re-deposit with the MCST before booking is allowed. It can take a week for cheques to clear and for us to confirm before granting access. Meanwhile, the facility may be taken.

Short Term Lease is illegal

Owners or tenants leasing out rooms or whole unit for short-term stay of less than 6 months will be committing an offence with a penalty of up to $200,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months. Tourists who book a room in Queens for short-term stay will be barred entry as Queens is a residential condominium and not a hotel; it is illegal to be leased out as such.