The tallest in 2003

One of the lowest maintenance Fees

1 min walk to MRT Station

Resort-like Living in the City

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Diwali Festival

Sunday, 16 Oct 2016

Time: 4:30-9:00pm

Hand painting

National costume competition

Dancing and many other fun events.

Decorative Aarti/Puja Thali (Plate) for Diwali Competition

Exhibit your talent, show your love and creativity by decorating "Puja Thali" with Jyot (sacred flame), flowers, sindoor (dry color), dry-fruits, diya (candle),colored rice, glitters and other craft items.

Diwali Lantern Making Competition

The lighting of lamps is a way of paying obeisance to God for attainment of health, wealth, knowledge,peace and fame. Let's light up our surroundings with home-made laanterns.

Excellent chance to show your creativity, make lanterns using craft paper, decorative items like sequins, ribbons, colors, straws, buttons etc.

Lucky draw on Dinner Coupon

4:30pm onwards at the pool.

Dinner (Veg/Non-veg)

At 5th floor car park 7:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Child 4-10 years old $10/coupon
  • Child, Adult above 10 years old $18.50/coupon

Contact Priyanka 93212770 or Shubhra 82924025


Online Booking Of Facilities Click Here

$50 deposit is required prior to bookings of Function Room or BBQ. You are encourage to leave your deposit with the MCST so your subsequent booking will be immediately confirmed and marked as "Taken by you". However, if you withdraw your $50 deposit, you will have to re-deposit with the MCST before booking is allowed. It can take a week for cheques to clear and for us to confirm before granting access. Meanwhile, the facility may be taken.

Short Term Lease is illegal

Owners or tenants leasing out rooms or whole unit for short-term stay of less than 6 months will be committing an offence with a penalty of up to $200,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months. Tourists who book a room in Queens for short-term stay will be barred entry as Queens is a residential condominium and not a hotel; it is illegal to be leased out as such.



Queens Profile  


Royal Pedigree

Queens condominium is a unique offer in one respect and a wise investment choice in another.


Queens is unique in the context of the private residential market today because it is situated in Queenstown, a mature estate. At the fringe of the Central Business District and vibrant Orchard Road shopping belt, Queens is conveniently located next to Queenstown MRT Station. An important consideration for most parents is its closeness to many good schools, colleges, polytechnics and the National University of Singapore. This makes Queens a rare gem on the property market even today.


Jewel in the Crown


Queens is a majestic visual spectacle: 3 streamlines towers named Hampton, Buckingham and Windsor, soar 38 storeys against a shifting curtain of sky and clouds. Its stunning appearance is but one of its many assets. It has one of the best swimming pools in Singapore. Location is another.


A Tropical Paradise

Imagine unwinding, relaxing and recharging your body in an oasis where water meanders through a tropical garden. Imagine your children's laughter as they delight in the spray of water jets. Imagine having the luxury and convenience of a country club right at your doorstep. Imagine being located so centrally in Singapore that you will spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your private resorts.


At Queens, this is your lifestyle.