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Every Chinese New Year, we organise a lion and dragon dance. This is to celebrate Chinese New Year as well as to introduce to foreign residents to this important traditional Chinese festival.



At Queens, we are very concerned about energy wastage and we support Earth Hour. We had supported Earth Hour since 2009 by switching off all the perimeter lights as well as the lights that lit up the dome at the clubhouse from 8:30pm to 10pm. We will do it again year after year, every year. Let's work together to play our part to save resources on this Earth. Every little effort is appreciated.

Dear Residents of Queens

Being environmentally friendly does not require a drastic change in our lifestyle. A simple act of switching off the lights( in our badminton Court, Tennis courts and Reading Room ) when they are not in use can already help conserve resources and contribute towards sustaining the environment.

Special Bins to recylce metal, plastic, glass and newspaper have been placed at the bottom of each block and we look forward to all residents to do their part to save the Earth as well as make Queens a clean, pleasant and environmentally friendly home for all.


Please do not throw glass bottles or heavy objects into the rubbish chute as the heavy mass are known to damage the bottom of our bins and our compactor!

Please show your Love for the Earth we live on!


A group of enthusiastic residents have started a small nursery for plants, with the help of our gardeners and support from the Council. Residents who are interested in gardening, can approach our management office. Please do not remove any plant or item from the nursery.