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Queens Internet Access

We have installed WiFi Internet access in the common area around the pool. This WiFi access covers the entire area around the pool, the clubhouse up to the roof-top BBQ pits and a small part of the multi-storey car park.


Areas not covered are the koi pond area, the rear of block 12 and 16 and the rear portion of the car park.


The WiFi access is free. Please do not abuse it by downloading large files continuously.


To access this WiFi, you need a wireless laptop, PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and practically any WFi enabled devices. Just make a wireless connection and select the SSID named Queens or Queens2 or Queens5G (for 5GHz Wifi). It may be described differently on different devices.


Please check with your vendor or the instruction manual of your device.


We apologised that the management staff are unable to help you on the configuration.