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Smoking Ban


With effect from 1 Jan 2009, the ACT had banned smoking in many places in Singapore both in public and privately owned areas. Smoking in these places carried a fine of up to $1000 or a compounded penalty of $200 by NEA which may vary.


To assist residents in abiding to the ACT, the followings are the places within Queens condo where smoking is banned by Law.


  • Within all the lifts.
  • At the lift lobby on every floor.
  • Swimming pools and any area in the vicinity.
  • Function room.
  • Barbeque pits.
  • Badminton hall.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Sports facilities like tennis courts, basket court and putting green.
  • Children's playground.
  • Sidewalk, chairs and benches adjacent to sports facilities and playground.
  • Reading room.
  • Management office.
  • Stairwell.
  • Any enclosed common area - such as pump room, electrical room etc.
  • Toilets and changing rooms.
  • Any area within the multi-storey car park.
  • Any location within 5m of prohibited areas.


Please abide by the law to create a pleasant living environment for every resident. MCST staff and our security guards are required by Law to approach smokers and ask them to leave the premises. Uncooperative smokers shall be referred to the authority. You may also call NEA Hotline at 1800-CALL-NEA or 1800-2255632 to report offenders.


The MCST shall not be held responsible nor will the MCST pay for the fine incurred by residents, staff or workers. The MCST shall not be responsible for any omission or misinterpretation of places in the above list.


We wish everyone an enjoyable stay in Queens.

Thank you for your cooperation.